Looking Forward while glancing Back


Well as 2014 comes to an end , I wanted to take the time to recall and be so thankful for the bright year that was.

Probably the greatest accomplishment was finally completing the manuscript for my second Novel. As I await the official critique from the professional edit, I look forward to the adventure that is sure to continue ahead.

I feel truly blessed for my Loving Family and Dear Friends, for the incredible memories of these past 12 months, the health and well-being of those dear to me, the 200 plus followers of The Expressible Café, the inspirational outlet The Expressible Café has been for me this year, and most of all for a gracious heart to APPRECIATE everything and never take life for granted.

To all my Blog followers and Blogger friends, I wish, on behalf of the Café, a Most Memorable Safe and Treasured Christmas and Holiday Season.

May 2015 only be that much more Awesome!

All the best
Paula Antonello Moore