The Good Things Jar

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I’m not sure how I came upon this idea, it might have been courtesy a Facebook post or something but I’m glad I did.

The Good Things Jar is a great way to kick off a New Year.

What you do is set up a jar of some kind in a centrally located place in your home and write little notes throughout the year as, basically, good things, worthy things of Happy occurrence happen to you. You can also toss in ticket stubs, program booklets to tourist attractions etc.

My family and I have been doing it now for three years. The point of this Jar is to help us stop and recognize when the Good Things happen because there is always sure to be not-so-good things ahead too. We tend to forget the happier joyful times when the gloom enters in.

But the best part of all is that on New Year’s Eve, you then take that jar, hopefully packed full of little tidbits, and read each one some time before the clock strikes Midnight. We usually do it during our Festive New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s so much fun as it offers us the chance to focus in on the adventure that was the passing year.

It also rejigs your brain to prepare for the fresh year ahead. We clear out the notes (me being a nostalgic saver, takes those little bits of paper and saves every one), and contemplate the empty glass before us.

Last year, I had the kids decorate the jar and encouraged them to use colourful scraps of paper instead of plain white notes to make it more vibrant and inviting. It worked. 2014 was Good and packed.

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From grand summer excitement to hosting all-kinds of visitors to small or great achievements like conquering a fear and knee-boarding for the first time or braving a first slumber party away from home, or receiving the BEST NEWS about a completed manuscript 🙂 , every single one was worthy of celebration.

And so… as we look forward to packing that big jar full again, I pray for only continued Little joys and grand excitement ahead.

Best to you!

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Tuesday, January 6th, 2015