Tainted travel


Anger aggravating more
Cannot bear the wait
Tainted travel stuck on track
Taunting evil fate.

Perfect planning set to go
Then insane delay
Nothing nowhere can be done
Ruining my whole day.

Joking jesting comes by text
Trying to get through
Manic madness seeping in
Hungry for my shoe.

Snailing slowly inch by inch
Pulling out my hair
Reservations ready done
Choking on stale air.

Whimsy Weekend hopes are dashed
Clear head lost in grey
Arching aching back sits still
All trapped in the fray.

Raging ranting long to do
Lodged within in my gut
Failing food choice adds to fuel
Burdened in the rut.

Simple speed would be a joy
Train still rests in place
Wonder waiting for release
Lacking so much grace.

Nightmare never ceasing now
Don’t know what to do
Calming carefree gone from soul
All I do is stew.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Saturday, January 31, 2015

Photo credit: Via Rail train. (Thane Burnett/QMI Agency file photo)