I want to tell you of a man who’s heart was grand and dear
Who wore his smile, a rainbow shield, in thoughtfulness and cheer.

Unfazed was he by life’s curve balls, devoted to one thing
Of spreading joy with bright big eyes, in pain he just would sing.

For little did the world outside know he did suffer yet
His arms outstretched for weekly hugs and never once did fret.

You may not know this man I loved, a stranger yes to most
But telling you of all he did is why I write this post.

This man, my first friend in this town, a cherished one I note,
Would never fail to make me laugh through joke or anecdote.

He’d lend a hand in service here or ready there to aid
He’d share a little tale and laugh, and then in silence prayed.

His wife in step did carry on and whisper ailment fears
That even though he endured much, he’d hide it from his peers.

But spirit strong can lead you forth so long as body can,
Then comes a time where nothing’s left, and weakness strikes a man.

And then I got the news today and devastated, knew
That face so full of joy and light had disappeared from view.

I wept for memories of past and difficulty ahead
For wife and kids and all his friends, A passing I did dread.

You see in every single life a person true may come
Who lifts our spirits high above and dissipates the glum.

A soul that passes quietly, a gesture, word or deed
Who reaches deep into our heart with Love to fill our need.

This man was he, we’d chit chat life and share what drove us on
Then in our cars we’d part our way… Now in a flash, he’s gone.

Alas, a saintly angel shines in heavenly ascent
A someone who I’ll speak with still, My prayers I will present.

Because I know he’ll listen there as he did frequently
Through tears I’ll ask for courage strong and weep on bended knee.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Image: Unusual Fire Rainbow