It Starts With Us


Writers get personal.

That’s what we do. We share what weird, wonderful, exciting, sad, happy, crazy, exhilarating thoughts and ideas that fill our imaginative minds and hope someone can connect with them.

It’s a Risk every single time.

You never know how you will be received. A Like here, a drought there. It’s tough with everything we create because we are putting ourselves out there.

It’s a Challenge.

Do I? Don’t I? Did I say too much? Did I express it properly? Have I offended, put off, disturbed, intrigued anyone? Did I not say enough?

Poetry is even more Personal.

I think it’s the biggest risk of all because not only is the poet/writer sharing the fantastical muse inside of their heads, they are basically cutting themselves open for all to see.

It’s a Peering into the Soul.

Our experiences trickle down from our eyes, to our minds and then, if we’re lucky enough, to our fingers. The keys click and clack as we type out, the pencil scribbles away, as we desperately try to formulate what is brimming, burning or aching inside of us.

It’s Cathartic.

I have used poetry as a means to do especially that recently. In posts Sometimes…I Need Colour, Crushed and Cecil, I have expressed from the heart grief that has overtaken me.

Life infuses poetry.

It’s been a tough start to the year. I have lost friends and acquaintances and each time, after the tears (or through them), I have sought to let my feelings go directly into a post. It has helped a great deal if not to at least diminish the sorrow.

That’s what We do.

We let it out, shout it out, paint the scene, the feelings arrayed in all their descriptive beauty, harshness and, sometimes, miserable darkness.

It makes Us stronger.

It helps heal a writer when they are able to “get it out” on paper. It only becomes rewarding when someone else can relate, appreciate, or like what we’ve done.

But it starts with Us, for Us and hopefully… it matters beyond that.

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Thursday, February 12, 2015