Moving pictures

film strip

I am here…but I’m not
I see you…but I don’t know you
I had experiences once…but now, I know moving pictures in my mind
I used to love a feast…now, I am told what to eat
I don’t know Your Love…but I feel your kindness
I used to choose my outfit…now, the clothing lies there
I knew your voice…but now, I hear someone speaking
I used to laugh away my days with you…now, confusion clouds my eyes
I had purpose and appointments…now, I sit, wait, and watch
I had a vibrant body once…but now, I am trapped in a shell
I used to Live…now, I stumble
I used to recount the names of the greats…now, I can’t remember where I put my shoes
I gave speeches and so loved to talk…now, I cannot find the words
I don’t know how much I love and need You…but…I feel an ache inside that I can’t name
I may not be Here…but, part of me, still is.

Paula Antonello Moore, Prose poetry. Copyright: Sunday, February 23, 2015

Image from S in Fashion Avenue.