Killing Winter Gloom

friends stock

Prepping for the party
Still have much to do
Music rouses actions
Dusting, vacuum too.

Fast they move the hours
Shifting things around
Not sure what will happen
When the friends abound.

Take away that photo
Place the table here
Move that stuff to corner
Now let’s have a beer.

Knock at door is sounded
Who’s the first to show
Later, others follow
Locking out the snow.

Laughter tumbles outward
Snacking through the night
TV plays with music
No one’s here to fight.

Company of dear ones
Friendship makes it count
Jokes are raised with glasses
Stories to recount.

Slowly some are leaving
Hugs and wishes said
Lingerers will linger
No one wants a bed.

Someone acts real silly
Others toast the room
So much fun together
Killing Winter gloom.

Then the tricky hour
Nothing left is cute
Time to get some shut eye
None of us dispute.

Paula Antonello Moore, poetry. Copyright: Friday, February 27, 2015