Lighter we

saatchi art

Spring Awake
Nothing matters
Here I’ll take
A second more.

Want the sun
Heavy coldness
Anxious fun
Locked but sneaking.

Milling idle
Seeking us
In newer ground.

Eager words
Spilling over
Hearing birds
Warms my heart here.

Fighting frost
Kicking snowflakes
What’s the cost?
Spirit at peace.

Searching still
Breaking grip now
Breezing will
Come out and play.

Peel it off
Grinning faces
All will scoff
At final warn.

Is it real?
Are we granted
Heartfelt squeal
Of lasting days?

Wait and see
Something more comes
Lighter we,
Charging forward.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, March 10, 2015.

Painting: Winter to Spring in the wood, By Hazel Thomson