It Inspires…


A note, float, coats are shed
A light, bright, sight is fed
A shirt, flirt, skirt is worn
A seed, feed, need is born

The skin, thin, spin is done
The dance, trance, prance is fun
The air, fair, share it all
The breeze, tease, sneeze and fall

A tune, swoon, croon it loud
A phrase, praise, blaze with crowd
A brook, nook, book impart
A face, place, space in heart

The sail, gale, tale delights
The meal, real, feel the bites
The thing, sing, bring it here
The soul, whole, goal is near

A scene, glean, serene breaks
A hue, new, view it wakes
A treat, sweet, complete taste
A drink, link, think is paced

Inspire the fire and watch how it flows
A spark that’s within now ignites and it shows.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Image: Stock photo.