“The world’s on fire Mommy!”

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“The world’s on fire Mommy!” he said racing in the room.
“Oh no its not,” I countered trying not to add to gloom.
“It is, it is and elephants are falling from the sky!”
“Oh darling maybe there is something trapped inside your eye.”

He looked at me and pondered then just laughed it off in fun
But then went right back at it telling horrors of the sun.
“It burned my head and suddenly the heat was everywhere
I couldn’t find my stuffies and white dust filled up the air.”

I wasn’t sure if he was coming up with on spot
Or if he was still locked inside a nightmare or a thought.
“The moon rolled down the street and I jumped far away in time
But then I landed in a chocolate river full of slime.”

“My darling it’s a dream or something nightmare-like,” I said
“Now let me take you by the hand and lead you back to bed.”
“No no, I won’t go back there Mum, it’s scary and it’s dark
And plus there’s scaly creatures climbing walls that make a spark.”

I huffed and puffed and wondered what to do with him this night
I had to sleep myself and couldn’t take more of his fright.
And then I thought just go along, and use a special toy
We’ll find something that isn’t scared to conquer and destroy.

“I know the perfect thing that will get rid of this right now
Your Monkey big bad Mickey will just shout out, punch and Pow!”
He looked at me and smiled knowing this would do the trick
He too wanted it to end so ran there, searching for big Mick.

He found him under pillows on the floor as we walked in
And held him up, his eyes closed tight, the battle would begin.
“I think it worked my darling, look there’s nothing here at all,”
He opened eyes and gazed around, and then began to crawl.

He made it to his bed real safe and burrowed deep beneath
If anything persisted Big Bad Mick would be bare his teeth.
“Good night my son, you sleep real well and don’t get up again,”
“I’ll do my best now Mommy,” and his bravery did reign.

I left him there and sighed relief returning to my bed
Until another murmur came from brother’s room instead.
“What is it dear? Are you afraid? Is something here to scare?”
And this one laughed and giggled no, “I’ve just peed everywhere.”

I closed my eyes and clenched my jaw and then I felt release
These moments crazy now would someday bring me happy peace.
For Mommy saviour is my job and I will do my best
Because if I don’t truly I will never get my rest.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Image: Lonely World by Cover Bash