The cusp of Adventure

Red suitcase

Preparing for a trip is both mental and physical.
You start with your Lists.
What needs to get done before you leave.
What needs to be purchased, prepared, planned.
Is the camera charged up?
Does everyone have a decent bathing suit or two or three?
How many pairs or how much of what needs to be sorted and packed will be included?
Will the house survive without us? What about that plant?
Don’t forget the extra underwear.
What do we bring as distraction? What should we wear on our feet?
Will we have time for… how long do we have…
Who will collect the mail?
Cluttered deep down amidst that chaotic shouting of tasks, resides YOU.

“What will it be like?
How changed will I be when I return?
How do I channel excitement without letting stress overwhelm?”

You pause…
You pick up that list.
You close those suitcases and fill the cat’s food dish.
You take another breath…
You check off a few more things.
You make sure to include something to record the memories beyond the camera and brain.
You encourage excitement but mind punctuality and responsibility.
You lie awake at night on clean sheets freshened before departure.
You hear the countdown of days all around you
But you move in increments of duty.
The X-ed calendar dates can take care of themselves.
You’re on a mission to make sure all are well-served, lacking nothing.
Then the day arrives…
The door opens, and lights turn off.
The bags are dragged out and the cat stirs ever so slightly.
You survey the scene: contact information left where it can be seen.
You sigh…
Then close the door.
And now…it Begins.

Paula Antonello Moore, Thought Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, April 7, 2015.

Image: Suitcase from Priotime