Breathtaking beauty
Skies overhead
Clouding sheer streak far beyond where I tread

Sun-bathing warming
Striped blue I lay
Laughter in splashes below where they play

Moving so slowly
Deep blue floats on
Every wave passes so rich, then it’s gone

Brave ones are cluttered
Bikinis cling tight
In shapes and in sizes that always delight

Tanned skinned in burnish
Red kissing spot
Cheeks that are freckled with Sun burning hot

Some they are dozing
Others stay wet
Volleyball gamers arise with a debt

Children are squealing
Sun hats droop down
Sunglasses shading blue eyes and some brown

All are at leisure
‘cept parents who guard
The cheering small toddlers make relaxing hard

The towels are dampened
Bright colors abound
Reggae tunes dance, raising glorious sound

Pleasure true joy now
In words that can’t say
The bliss that I’m feeling in moments of sway.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, April 23, 2015

Image Credit: Paula Antonello Moore