Me and Sandra Bullock


Bright and lively actress Sandra Bullock was chosen by PEOPLE magazine as the World’s Most Beautiful Woman, a title she laughed at yet graciously played a long with.

As a bright and lively writer myself, I imagined the same interest would be paid me by PEOPLE some million years from now. And so, as I did in “Julia Roberts and…ah, Me,” I proceeded to imagine it would go something like this…

1. What was your reaction when you heard about being on the cover of this issue?
I was shocked and delighted but thought you confused me with someone else.

2. So how would you define Beauty?
Its more about the integral spirit of the person rather than outward appearance. Bombarding the world with selfies a-la-Kim-Kardashian is not the definition of beauty.

3. Who would you say are the most beautiful women in your life?
My dear family members and my friends who are strong, honest and understanding yet always remember the value of a good hearty laugh.

4. What do you know today that you wish you had known 20 years ago?
I would trust myself more and not get so caught up in what other people think. Believing in your decisions and not second-guessing yourself is important but alas, that confidence comes with age.

5. What do you worry about now?
My worry is mostly driven by concern for family more than anything else these days. Will my children be safe, healthy, smart, and always appreciate their blessings? Will my husband and I stay healthy and happy to see them raised secure? I pray and hope for the well-being of family above all other dreams.

6. What have you learned about love?
That there must always be understanding, warmth and fairness.

7. What’s the most beautiful thing about being a mom?
Watching the eccentricity and creative spirit of my children explode before my eyes in ways I would never have imagined. But also receiving their unconditional love every day.

8. How has motherhood changed you?
I’m far more protective and cautious than I used to be and, sadly, less relaxed.

9. What do (your kids do) that makes you laugh?
Their silly antics, crazy ideas and playful nature just brightens my day and helps me never forget a little crazy is healthy and so necessary to life. Not taking myself too seriously is essential as a writer. They ground me that way.

10. What is the best compliment your kids have given you?
Calling me “Wacky.” That word is loaded with greatness on so many levels.


11. How do you define family?
Nice feet. Ha ha. Actually solid, fun and comforting. But we do have some nice feet too.

12. You’ve said you like raw cookie dough and marshmallow fluff? Do you also like green juice?
Who doesn’t love raw cookie dough? As for marshmallow fluff I’d rather scoop spoonfuls of Nutella out of the jar. But I will NEVER drink green juice. There are “healthy ways” of living that I’m not sure I will ever be daring enough to adopt.

13. How have your cooking skills changed since becoming a mom?
Thankfully I can cook more than one or two good meals now. Beyond that, I love to eat but would still much rather have someone do the cooking for me. Know anyone?

14. What type of exercise makes you feel most balanced and grounded?
The act of drinking good white wine while eating chocolate almonds has great benefits for the soul. Of course, there’s also going for a good walk. Ideas just flood the mind and make me come alive creatively.

15. Do you like to be pampered?
Absolutely! I would have a massage once a week if I had the wealth of Sandra Bullock.

16. What have you embraced over the years when it comes to your appearance?
The idea of dressing for how I’m feeling. Just go for it! The opinion of others means little these days.

17. What qualities do you find most beautiful in women?
Humour (being able to laugh and at yourself ), Reliability (following through with what you say), Strength (unwavering courage to accomplish things) and Understanding (being there as a support and shoulder to lean on). I would say just about the same for men as well.

18. You once said “there’s something sexy about a belly.” Do you still feel that way?
Ah, I have never said that. A little flab is not bad though but I do think that people need to take care of themselves. I’m not saying they have to be super lean or insanely thin. But health conscious is so vital. Just take care of yourself.

19. How do you best take care of your skin?
I wash it. A facial cleanser once a day. Sunscreen is key as well.

20. You used to think makeup was scary. Do you still?
What? Who told you that? Sandra Bullock? Ah, I don’t think it’s scary but I don’t wear it often. I can’t really go without eyeliner because everyone thinks I’m exhausted if I don’t wear it. But the “masterful” dramatic look only comes out when I’m dressing for a romantic night or other fancy occasion like, say, a book launch or something. 🙂

21. So what role have you felt most beautiful in?
There is something about making people laugh and lifting their spirits that is beautiful. But being a wife and mother, nothing feels more beautiful than that. Knowing that I’ve done a good job caring for them is Beautiful and fulfilling.

Paula Antonello Moore, Creative writing. Copyright: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Image: Sandra Bullock from Popglitz