Monthly Archive: May, 2015

Novel Update #15: 777 Writing Challenge

Yesterday, I was surprised to see that I had been nominated to participate in an interesting writing challenge. My dear blogger friend Susan Lattwein of Putting in a Good Word… selected me to… Continue reading

A Sigh with the Clouds

I want it to Rain! Don’t want to complain But we need it so Dear water please flow. I’m not talking flood But more than a dud, Not hurricane might But stronger than… Continue reading


Warning: I’m about to make a Confession… I never thought I would be so slave to it but I must admit, I am profoundly affected by “THE LIKE.” You know what I’m talking… Continue reading

Not Cursed

It wasn’t my intention to spill my breakfast bowl But if you knew the day I had, You’d know it hurt my soul. I wasn’t being playful or silly eating there I simply… Continue reading

Dream Awake

If I could go back Would I? To bathe in sun… And sigh. If I could go back Maybe… I’d stand right still… And see. If I could go back Yes, now I’d… Continue reading

Can You See?

Just for a minute It all lies secure Your head is so clear there’s nothing to fear Just for a second The steps are concrete You breathe in at peace a calm and… Continue reading


We set out as bold scavengers one bright clear afternoon My darling little nephew humming some sweet merry tune. We started searching for a little sparkle on our way Yet I had no… Continue reading

Growing My Writing

I was outside gardening this past weekend. Now I’m not terribly skilled or know all there is to know about gardening. Yet, when we inherited a home that had beautiful landscaping already built… Continue reading

Falling into New York

Waiting in grey Excitement Delay Then flying on through to the glory of play Yellow whizz by The Row where we’ll lie Better than up in the air where we fly Monsters in… Continue reading