We set out as bold scavengers one bright clear afternoon
My darling little nephew humming some sweet merry tune.

We started searching for a little sparkle on our way
Yet I had no idea how we both would relish play.

The many little treasures on the sidewalk as we’d stroll
Would dazzle my young nephew and delight his precious soul.

We aimed for tiny rocks and maybe something that was “neat”
He’d laugh and jump and skip along with crazy dancing feet.

A pebble, twig, and wild flower made him gasp in awe
He’d drop them into treasure bag and shout at all he saw.

We came upon a pinky white and flowy blossom tree
And stood there mesmerized as petals fluttered gleefully.

“Wow Look at that!” my dear one said as he hopped on the spot
His sweaty little forehead gleamed, the temperature was hot.

The park a vast expansive green invited us to run
We hardly could contain the great excitement in the fun.

An interesting twisted bush, a metal wrapper too
There wasn’t anything that my dear nephew would poo poo.

We tossed the crispy pine cones at the dark brown tough brick wall
And laughed as they exploded, crumbled pieces as they’d fall.

And then we made our journey home, he didn’t want to go
I said to him, “But what about the treasures we can show?”

That did it there, he smiled bright and rushed on up ahead
He wanted to be first to share the tales of where we’d tread.

Exhausted but so happy we went in for a cool drink
How funny his face lit right up as he did stop and think

Of all the places we had gone and glory riches found
From Scavenging beyond the unknown path upon the ground.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Saturday, May 9, 2015