Can You See?


Just for a minute
It all lies secure
Your head is so clear there’s nothing to fear
Just for a second
The steps are concrete
You breathe in at peace a calm and release
Just for an instant
It unfolds so right
You take in the day and rest as you pray
Just for a moment
A smile lies fixed
Your eyes light up bright with no fuss or plight
Just as you stand firm
A feeling erupts
You’re truly content there is no lament

marie freitag photog

Then the storm comes…
A swift change in wind
Your life takes on twists, a sadness persists.
Then at that time
An aching takes hold
The pain is so grand, you can barely stand.
Then it hangs there
A mood stirring round
You cannot think straight, you blame it on fate.
The loss ravages
And heartache halts all
Your tears flow on through, there’s nothing to do.
The clouds fill the air
A darkness engulfs
Your fear it returns, the ache how it burns.


Yet in a bold bloom
That radiates hope
The colour will show, there’s joy that can flow
Yet faith can renew
In time and support
Your family and friends, their love never ends
Yet there by your side
A blanketing warmth
You crack and shed skin, a newness within
So wait hang on tight
Let feet take their course
And in calm and prayer, Your life will repair.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry Prose. Copyright: Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Image Credit: Bright Sunny Day from All for Desktop
Image Credit: Lightning by Marie Freitag Photography
Image Credit: Dahlia by P.Smiles