Not Cursed


It wasn’t my intention to spill my breakfast bowl
But if you knew the day I had,
You’d know it hurt my soul.

I wasn’t being playful or silly eating there
I simply was explaining things
With hands flying up in air.

I really wanted something to feed my inner self,
But there it all came crashing down
Like books falling from shelf.

I sat and watched the splashes all white across the floor
A puddle dripped wet down on me,
The cleaning was a chore.

My pants they were quite sopping as no one rushed to aid
I felt frustration seethe inside,
I think my day was made.

How can you shake that something when crankiness sets in,
I squeezed the wet cloth into sink,
And tried to lift my chin.

I know worse things can happen and nothing is so bad
As breakfast cereal unleashed,
I shouldn’t have been mad.

But then I had to change clothes, and start again from top
I felt instead I needed rest,
In bed I wished to flop.

Yet minutes ticked on quickly and each one had to go
So half-ass job would have to do,
Then out the door we’d blow.

But as I entered office, the compliments did fly
My boss said something kindly too,
I smiled and did cry.

What I had thought as suffering was really not at all
There’s sickness, tragedy and pain,
For me this was so small.

So weary not from spilling, it’s really not the worst
Save up your energy and strength,
Today you are not cursed.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Friday, May 22, 2015.

Image: Cereal spilled onto floor from Masterfile