A Sigh with the Clouds

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I want it to Rain!
Don’t want to complain
But we need it so
Dear water please flow.

I’m not talking flood
But more than a dud,
Not hurricane might
But stronger than light.

The grass is so dry
Makes me want to cry.
Those poor little flowers
They sure need some showers.

So Mother in charge
Please help us recharge,
Do your Nature thing
Make plants want to sing.

Please send rain on down
And we’ll never frown.
Let greenery praise
Some water, not rays.

Then usher on through
Move on to renew
Some other dry place
With your dripping face.

The break from the sun
Will actually be fun
Cuz when rain appears
Creativity cheers!

At least so for me
I write gleefully
And sigh with the clouds.
I’m not like the crowds,

They long for sunshine
The beach, sand so fine
But I need the break
So mind can awake.

So weather report
Please don’t be so short,
Just beckon rain in
Not brief as its been.

We won’t fuss with more
It won’t be a chore
To tend to the lawn
When downpours are gone.

So let it arrive
And flowers will thrive,
And I’ll sing quite loud
With every new cloud.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Friday, May 29, 2015.
Image: Spring Rain from Nature Desktop