Monthly Archive: June, 2015

Two Chairs

Two chairs and there they sat Simple and free Two chairs just waited still Destined to be. Two chairs were spotted once Seen from afar Two chairs were smiled at Carried to car.… Continue reading

Music in Snapshots

He waited and wondered He greeted in snow They kissed at a party He knew that was Joe She sat ever yearning A chuckle was sent He clocked in the hour His sweater… Continue reading

Commercial Break

The terror struck And Fallon laughed A nightmare of blood But no one knew People at prayer And helium tricks In God’s arms Applause distraction Grandmother guard As Rickman joked “Just play dead”… Continue reading


I try I try but can’t keep up It’s Life it whips too fast I do my best to test my worth My spirit lags its mast The heart is in it’s in… Continue reading

Back from the Dead

There he stood near death, a mere shell of his former self. “Come on Buddy, not yet!” I said with conviction, “You have so much left to live for.” He didn’t respond. He… Continue reading

Someone Else’s Eyes

I don’t know what I’m doing Somedays My insides just push forward And I write I don’t know what it is What is raised It comes in and flows out Worthwhile? Perhaps today.… Continue reading

Beyond Applause

The wind kicks up As she sees the ball Her feet hit the grass She does not stall. Round how it whirs She’s in clear control Her breath in her chest Just edges… Continue reading