Beyond Applause


The wind kicks up
As she sees the ball
Her feet hit the grass
She does not stall.

Round how it whirs
She’s in clear control
Her breath in her chest
Just edges goal.

The pounding heart
It will not release
The fire inside
She’s not at peace.

The clouds above
Race swiftly along
She cannot be stopped
Her stride is long.

The sweat drips down
Her face is a mess
She cares not for this
She has no stress.

A pass at left
Quick foot to the right
She throws herself in
No move is trite.

A flash in net
The goalie gives way
Game point is declared
She’s had her play.

End matters not
It’s only mere pause
There will be much more
Beyond applause.

Week after week
Her spirit won’t die
Devouring prize
Is not in eye.

The sport of game
The wind at her back
The thrill in the air
Such force won’t slack.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Image: Soccer ball from Missouri Sports Redux