I try I try but can’t keep up
It’s Life it whips too fast
I do my best to test my worth
My spirit lags its mast

The heart is in it’s in for sure
Yet mountains cloud my way
In bits and pieces I let go
Then nothings left for play

Back up I go I go back up
To trudge and trek the mark
I blink and sway as muscles ache
I’ve lost it all my spark

Where is the time no time at all
To rest my weary soul
Is it just me who makes things up
Can’t figure out my goal

Then night arrives night dark is here
I close my eyes to rest
And hope in all there is to trust
The weight will lift from chest.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Image: Liquid Jewel, photography by Fabian Oefner from Redesign Revolution