Two Chairs

$_86 (1)

Two chairs and there they sat
Simple and free
Two chairs just waited still
Destined to be.

Two chairs were spotted once
Seen from afar
Two chairs were smiled at
Carried to car.

Two chairs were placed in room
Side by each side
Two chairs were colourful
Love did abide.

Two chairs were filled with joy
Memories were made
Two chairs were anchored strong
Where two had prayed.

Two chairs had played a part
Once upon time
Two chairs with edges frayed
Loved in sublime.

One chair was empty now
Heartache was true
One chair had shifted place
Nothing would do.

Two chairs, no longer two
It wasn’t right
One chair was moved about
Left from her sight.

That chair came out again
Brought there, beside
That chair made one a two
That’s where she cried.

Two chairs and there they sat
That’s where they’d stay
Two chairs so intertwined
Lifelong display.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Image: Two Fireside armchairs from Dealry