Monthly Archive: July, 2015

At Day’s End

Colour: lime green and burnished red blend, intertwine facing blue spruceness and the towering hulk of oak crowded by a craggy cedar. Dragonflies: Their lifelike existence as seen only in the light emitted,… Continue reading


Heat can be awful When its only relief is A sputtering fan. But to be lucky In the quenching of water Is bliss beyond dreams. When mind and body Are soothed they appreciate… Continue reading

Summer nothing? Yes!

It’s different these days that time we call Summer. The anticipation of it can be felt long before it hits. But it isn’t the same kind as it was when I was child.… Continue reading

The Rain is gain

The rain, not pain, for me it’s gain though wet, no fret resides in tête, it stirs, mind whirs and nothing blurs so near thoughts clear, the droplets dear for each, they breach… Continue reading

Go…Take a Walk

I am loving being outside this summer. I’ve been walking a lot to begin the day and to keep the young ones busy and have found it unbelievably fulfilling. There is something to… Continue reading

An Ode to Writers

Mat tatt an twittle dob This is our specific job Tink hink iz shuddle phry Writing things that make you cry. Wit blit oh tuttle foom We write to make ideas bloom Razz… Continue reading

Novel Update #16

So here we are not so far into summer yet and I am still slugging away at the Manuscript for Fallout. I remain engulfed in character trajectories as mentioned earlier in Novel Update… Continue reading

why don’t i climb a tree

why don’t i climb a tree There is joy in freedom…there is bliss in carelessness. why don’t i climb a tree It stands outstretched above. It’s branches reach for the sky. Leafy coat… Continue reading

Y E A R N I N G …

The cookie just sat there in waiting While mouth it was merely debating Should I eat it there Would anyone care Then gone it was, yearning deflating. Another was placed on the table… Continue reading

Dear Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck…

“You steal the time. You steal a date, you steal a kiss, you steal a whisper…” Until… you don’t. And then… “After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision… Continue reading