Novel Update #16


So here we are not so far into summer yet and I am still slugging away at the Manuscript for Fallout.

I remain engulfed in character trajectories as mentioned earlier in Novel Update #14: Trajectory as part of the major editing stage.

But I am not stuck at an impasse.

In fact, I have to admit I have gotten some characters terribly wrong. Certain people have lacked direction, wayward in their paths. Others shouldn’t even exist. They’re sort of pointless to the story. And still others whose motivation for behaviour has made no sense.

For instance, why would Cooper be snapping at Sam when he was the one who wronged Sam, not the other way around? He should be nervous and dodgy, not cranky and rude.

Brilliant moments have arisen honestly, as if the characters themselves have stammered, “You’ve screwed me up! Fix it!” or “Why haven’t you let me speak?”

And I have listened.

There are a few more people to track before I begin the next hefty stage of redrafting the manuscript and I can’t wait! I am sooo eager to rewrite episodes, fill out scenes and make other voices finally be heard.

When you take some time away from your own work and then get back at it, it’s startling how errors and mistaken creative development seem to leap off the page. I’ve found myself actually disliking a good part of my writing.

But that’s a good thing!

It pushes me, motivates me to smarten up and refresh the draft with a new more informed outlook and that is extremely exciting for someone who started this book back in 2007.

I am scheduled to meet with my editor later this summer to monitor progress. So between juggling summer camps and day to day adventures, I am doing my best to carve out my writing/editing time.

Hopefully, the writing will resume in the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

And on it goes…

Paula Antonello Moore, The Novel. Copyright: Friday, July 10, 2015.

Photo Borrowed from: Jacksonian America.