Dear John Stewart, Sir


“His gift has always been being one of the citizens and one of the people that is being affected by things. He just kind of lays it out the way that makes sense and he says the things that you’re feeling…I think that’s what he’s done for our generation — he’s personalized things more…politics or finance or the craziest things that happen in the world, he talks about it in such a digestible way.”
Olivia Munn, Entertainment Weekly

Dear John Stewart Sir, I have to say
It was such fun to watch you play.

When every night just past the hour
We’d laugh it up, You held the power.

For so You’ll see just what I mean
Your brilliance there upon the screen

Showed us the truth in jabs and joke
We’d chuckle but get what You spoke.

You saw the farce, You’d spotlight fake
We understood, we got Your take

You made us see that stupid lies
From shiny desks could cloud our eyes.

The loudest shouts, the coiffed up hair
The fancy sparkle in the air,

All hid the crux, the hard hit truth,
You cut it down as master sleuth.

Newsworthy note, distraction game,
They thought that they were saying the same.

But points You made, Your clarity
Displayed their lack of charity.

And then once more when shootings tried
To mess us up, You joined and cried.

You put aside the farce and fun
And stated clear, “More must be done.”

We focused in, saw You achieve
Respect so strong, we would believe.

The authors, actors who took time
Politiks too would sit and chime,

With You an ear they bent in turn
And question all, truly discern

That if you stop and really see,
There’s meaning’s depth in honesty.

I must admit sometimes Your crass
Unsavoury, was full of sass,

But still I watched to see Your mark
Compassion made it much less stark

The trumping Trump, the ones in “know”
Thought they were smart, they’d steal the show,

But then head bowed, You chuckled too
And with that pen, You saw right through.

You taught us there, We must not shrink
But open eyes, and start to think.

It mattered so, the politics
Had import there, behind the tricks.

And so as we bid our farewell
With lessons learned, our hearts will swell.

To say You were more than a pro
We’ll miss you at The Daily Show.

Good Luck Sir and Thank You.


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, August 6, 2015

Top two images: Comedy Central