Still Missing The Captain…

Marking the one year anniversary with a re-posted blog tribute.


The darkness it was silent
No brightness filled the room
Until a Tiny Glimmer
Raised up its face from gloom.
It sparked and then it fired up
A flash of light it made
Until that Tiny Glimmer
Blew out the grimmest shade.
A laugh was heard from far away
A chuckle too was lit
And then that Tiny Glimmer
It had a firey fit.
The fire ignited everywhere
But nothing felt a burn
Because that Tiny Glimmer
Was gentle at each turn.
The laughter it continued
Respect and love was shared
That Tiny Glimmer was no more
A flame instead it bared.
And everyone sat in It’s glow
The warmth of funny tears
That Flame threw open solid doors
Annihilated fears.
The joy, the crazy, all at once
Side-splitting cheerful glee
That Flame we all partook it there
From him, her, you and me.
But then something did happen
A spark again was seen
The Flame it dwindled down a bit
The laughter became lean.
And then the Flame did not exist
The light did fizzle out
That Tiny Glimmer was no more
And everyone would shout,
“What happened to our Glimmer?
Who took the light away?
The warmth its gone, we feel the cold
What is there left to say?”
So sadly now we sit here
No laughter, crazy fun
Our dearest Friend has gone from us
The Tiny Glimmer’s done.
But memories will hold us
‘Oh Captain Sir,” declared
The films, the chats, the joy He brought
Live on in us who shared.

In Memory of the Great Mr. Robin Williams who passed away Aug. 11, 2014.
Paula Antonello Moore, Tuesday, August 11, 2015
Image: Collage by Isaac Stambaugh