In the Wrong Zone


Well I’m in the zone.

Not the writing zone (or editing zone where I should be) but the reading zone. I’m doing my annual prep for the upcoming WritersFestival (Confessions of a proud writer) that I attend each year.

Even though it’s a long way off, I like to review the authors list ahead of time, check out their books and select the ones I find most intriguing. Then I basically power read as many as I can before the fall.

I don’t necessarily recommend this strategy but somehow it works for me.

Of course juggling characters, time periods and settings can shake up any brain let alone that of a writer. Yet I find it kind of makes me sharper.

When I journey along with other voices, trace their stories, wrap myself up in their worlds, it filters down and enters my conscious and subconscious mind.

In plain terms, it helps my own writing when I bombard myself with so much at one time.

I can easily identify my own creative weaknesses when I observe the professionals at work. Episodes start to morph in my mind into stronger more vivid or emotional situations for my characters when I realize what they lack when held up against such benchmarks.

Sure, that’s what summer reading is all about you might say, reading all kinds of fun books. For many people, yes. But for those of you who already know my secret (Confessions of an Embarrassed Writer) you know that this is definitely a daunting challenge.

What makes it all the more taxing is the fact that I should be working on MY OWN novel right now. But it also motivates me in an odd way. I like to see what I can accomplish if I put the added pressure on myself. That is, sit still, read, read, read, and get it done!

One book is already completed and I’m currently working my way through 2 more with a third on the way. I’ll let you know if I survive.

Until then here’s hoping the bombardment actually pays off when I get back to my own storyboarding shortly.

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Thursday, August 13, 2015

Image: From enotes