The Ring


He’s wearing a ring but not happy
His face wears a frown and is gray
She’s missing her ring and can fake it
But they only watch her at play

She’s wearing her ring but is busy
Her eyes never meet yours or shine
He’s wearing a ring but moves on there
But everyone knows they aren’t fine

She says that her ring was just missing
He’s no longer there by her side
Then suddenly there is a ring on
But it’s not the one that brought pride

And look there he’s wearing a ring now
A piece that seems strange but it’s sweet
His Lovely beams bright, can’t stop smiling
Their wedding a serious feat

The rings are still on but no feeling
It’s said that they’re worn for their three
A ring sparkles on social media
The dancer is so full of glee

These rings so well fashioned as treasures
Declare something in the spotlight
It’s worn, it’s off, how do we make sense
When hands change most every night

Why can’t they just make up their minds here
And love or love less behind doors
Why must we all witness their messiness
And herald celebrity wars

But rings will just keep getting bigger
The diamonds and gold will distract
And sadly these people won’t realize
Their own lives are now just an act.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, August 18, 2015.

Image: Glamour