Monthly Archive: September, 2015

All in Now

Sinking in Holding tight Surface skin Knocked by light Eraser’s edge Flat the line Writer’s pledge What is fine Coloured squares Sticking thoughts Heart it bears Join the dots Stretching hand On the… Continue reading


I’m back from the Autumn WritersFest that I attend annually and I feel invigorated! What a glorious three days! From rubbing shoulders with some big names in Canadian Publishing to bright sunny cool… Continue reading

Novel Update #17

Well the annual Writers Festival is nearly upon me and with it, a new perspective. A year ago, I met my Editor, a published writer herself, at the festival. I remember the nerves,… Continue reading

I’m Not, but…I Am

I am so not a morning person. Well, I’m not and I am. I dislike very much getting up early. There is nothing more pleasurable than sinking deeper beneath warm blankets and getting… Continue reading

Knotted Knowing

Anxiety activates a Numbness now When withering waiting Stressfully Signals seizing Moments markedly mashed Patience painfully paused Dreading dearly downed By breaking backaches It’s inevitable Existence encourages embracing Unity unbound Yet yearning yields… Continue reading

Today is Her Birthday

Today is his birthday He will wake content His big plans will consist of a lunch date on the fly with colleagues The best part will be his favourite home-cooked meal with his… Continue reading

Fresh Starting

A saddened farewell in paths of fun To all that came in our days So long to moments of timeless go And greeting to routine craze. An instant seen, felt warmly in light… Continue reading

In Likeness Shared

Upon the film lie moments fixed emotion in time and memories made. But then a one in likeness shows posed joys in scene feelings reborn. He takes her words and marks her path… Continue reading

Farewell Charlotte

Three Septembers ago, I began this blog not really knowing what I was setting out to do. I had long thought about the idea of blogging as a way to showcase my writing… Continue reading