I’m Not, but…I Am


I am so not a morning person.

Well, I’m not and I am.

I dislike very much getting up early. There is nothing more pleasurable than sinking deeper beneath warm blankets and getting lost in your dreams.
I’d love to let the day just slip away while I slept on and on.

But, then, I wouldn’t.

Confusing? Yes.

You see my duty as mother of the home is to rouse everyone from sleep for the start of day.

How that came to be my distinct role is a cruel joke played by Fate. Its as if I’m being punished for all the sleeping in I did in those early years before marriage and children.

Each day, I must drag myself out of bed, wake the kids, prepare the breakfasts, shout to the kids again, make the coffee, call out one last time and then spend the next 35 minutes eating, cleaning up and prepping lunches before heading out the door.

Why me?

Well because that’s the deal. I’m the mom. Mom’s take care of things, from school snack selection, to homework, to bedtime, to whether or not hoodies and pants will do vs. you-can-probably-still-get-away-with-shorts-today when cooler temperatures hit.

But once the kids are off and hubby is gone (the benefits of working from home)…there is a rare beauty to being up early.

The calmness of the day beckons. The fresh air nudges. The sunshine smiles down upon me and nods, “not so bad eh?”

And of course I agree. I usually look forward to tackling my day. Except when an interruption the night before from nightmares or too many thoughts plaguing my brain take over. Then sleeplessness overpowers and I just don’t want to move.

Well today was not one of those days. And I’m glad. Because if I had stayed in bed, I would have missed this glorious shot…

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Tuesday, September 22, 2015