Novel Update #17


Well the annual Writers Festival is nearly upon me and with it, a new perspective.

A year ago, I met my Editor, a published writer herself, at the festival. I remember the nerves, my anxiety in just being able to approach her.

Now, I face the festival moments in a new light: as a focused perspective novelist continuing in my efforts to pursue and achieve publication under her guidance.

We will be meeting to review my progress and to set clear deadlines for the next phase in the extensive editing process I have been engulfed in this past year: a new draft.

I am very excited as I have been doing my utmost to apply her detailed evaluation and advice to the draft manuscript.

I have worked through character trajectories, a fresh and revised outline and am now in the midst of a thorough STORYBOARDING examination (hence the slowing down of blog postings).

Of course this has not been without its own challenges: from family stuff to summer vacation to the juggling of my own reading in preparation for literary sessions I will also be attending.

Fortunately, my characters have helped me along. It’s like they’re growing with me.

They are coming into far clearer focus, their paths more substantial and discernible than merely passing episodes. I am understanding their motivation on a whole other level and this has definitely helped in shaping their direction.

So I am eager to get to work on writing again soon, and anxiously look forward to the continued journey.

Until next time…Wish me luck.

Paula Antonello Moore, The Novel. Copyright: Saturday, September 19, 2015