I’m back from the Autumn WritersFest that I attend annually and I feel invigorated!

What a glorious three days!

From rubbing shoulders with some big names in Canadian Publishing to bright sunny cool walks in the downtown core, I can honestly say I am revived and eager to get back to work.

During that time, I attended several readings, Q&As and book signings. I love having books signed experiencing that up-close-and-personal but brief connection with the literary famous. I even shared a name with one of the “important people” and admitted I longed and “hoped to sit where you’re sitting someday.” She smiled and asked perplexed, “Hoped?” as if to question my dreams. “I mean when I sit where you are,” I laughed. “That’s better,” she noted.

However, the most significant period was of course meeting up with my Editor. It’s amazing to think that a year ago, we were strangers. Now, we are heading into our second year together on this grand journey to publication and I couldn’t be happier.

Our meeting was incredibly fruitful!

We discussed the newly revised THEME and direction I plan to take. I pointed out the need to pare down the cast of characters even more, this time doing away with the sister of one of the Main characters.

And then, over a lovely patio lunch in the sunshine, we discussed much-needed deadlines ahead.

You know, when I first attended back in 2013, I was so lonely (One Lonely Writer in the Sea). Back then, I felt adrift, on my own struggling to make sense of the BIG vast publishing world. Those in the lofty positions seemed willing to pause and share a few little tidbits but never completely gave away their secrets. When their talk was done, they bid farewell with best-wishes then moved on to the next venue.

Yet this year, as I stood in long line ups awaiting events, I found simple chit chat with other festival goers, the kindness of strangers, surprise encounters with authors (sitting quietly in the background of some of the events) and especially the easy-going way authors gladly opened up and shared their own uphill battles, transformed the atmosphere. It became collaborative, supportive…possible.

It’s as if the direction of the wind had changed and suddenly, I was part of a real community.

That to me was an incredible feeling. I now firmly believe in the potential for great things ahead with that positivity to anchor and sustain me. And with my faith, I know I will get there.

I can only wonder what next year’s Festival will bring…

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts, The Novel. Copyright: Monday, September 28, 2015.