Monthly Archive: October, 2015

The Chill of Real

Today I’m free To dress and be With so much glee For fun. I’ll masquerade Keep up charade Won’t be afraid Til done. With makeup strewn A ghoulish goon Under full moon I… Continue reading

Novel Update #18

Revising Memories: I apologize for so few posts this month. I am currently in the midst of the next overhaul of my manuscript. I believe it is Draft #3 but have seriously lost… Continue reading

Come Dance with me

Come dance with me beneath the breeze let go…and play Come dance with me beneath the breeze set sail…and breathe Come dance with me beneath the breeze raise feet…and laugh Come dance with… Continue reading


Splashed against the shore Restless waves flow upon leaves Autumn breeze blows here. Rest comes in moments A pause with eyes closed brings peace Reluctant to leave. Paula Antonello Moore, poetry. Copyright: Tuesday… Continue reading


No turkey dinner made real nice No pies filled up with nutmeg spice No friendly greetings at the door I’m thankful true for something more… No autumn leaves upon the ground No feasting… Continue reading

Hold On

I’m not ready yet for you to go. I noticed too late. I missed your show. Your colour abundance showered about. I caught a mere glimpse swaying down to the ground. I longed… Continue reading