Hold On


I’m not ready yet for you to go. I noticed too late. I missed your show.

Your colour abundance showered about. I caught a mere glimpse swaying down to the ground.
I longed to be with you, I waited, I did, But windswept you floated Away…

I’m here now you see. Just hold on there. Hold on a moment still. Let me breathe your air.

Impatient I struggle, it all goes too fast. I walk in your afterglow, then it’s gone from me.
I wish I could keep you. Can’t bottle you up. But eyes closed longing persists.

You wave in a gust. A burnished bright fire, awed into silence. My heartfelt desire.

But that cannot stop it. That movement of time that slips beyond my grasp into the wind.
I can only stand breath-taken from me in gasps of your glory. Mystified by majesty.

And so will I bask when passing I roam. And though you but breeze, I’m taking you home.

I cannot contain you. I know its a dream, yet stirred by sweet sounds, I rest.
Swirl and engulf me. I let it all flow. And in the great height, I sigh.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Image: Autumn (Credit. P. Antonello Moore)