No turkey dinner made real nice
No pies filled up with nutmeg spice
No friendly greetings at the door
I’m thankful true for something more…

No autumn leaves upon the ground
No feasting meal with joyful sound
No sunflower blossoms in a vase
I’m thankful still beyond such days…

No laughing grand-kids at our feet
No peaceful walks where we retreat
No cider drinks that warm our hearts
Thankful I am, yet must impart…

That even with the coloured sights
With festive flare and cozy nights
With all the blessings fall does bring
It’s your bright face that makes me sing

Through beeping beats and many pills
Through nurse check ups and shaking chills
I’m never gracious more than this
That you survived, restoring bliss.

I’m calm with your hand twined in mine
I sigh relief as we all dine
I know there’s nothing left to do
Then praise above I’m here with you.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Sunday, October 11, 2015.