Playful Wordplay

Hello Friends. Here is another re-post while I continue to redraft the manuscript. Enjoy! — Paula


Cough, craving candy clear
Don’t doodle, dare dear
Seeing seesaw saving soul-full
Hasty help, humbly hopeful

Balanced base bumbles badly
Greetings great go gladly
Make, mend, marched meaning
Love, let low, leaning.

Nicely new, never naming
Fancy fame, forced feigning
Over occupied outsider
Always acting, aimless abider

“Words wander worthless waning
Rather read, ramble raining”
Bought, baited, brave, beaming
Smooth, Savoured, shallow, seeming

Choose choice, cherish charity
How here hovering hilarity
Jilted joy joining jumping
Pleasure passed, primly pumping

Kindness kept, kingdom kissing
Marveled mattered maker missing
Yawning, yet yoked yearning
Loved let live, loss, learning

“Stop such strange statements, silly
Hardly howl, humming hilly
Nothing novel, neatly numbered
Laughing lame loosely lumbered”

Endless epic evolution
“Playful passages pollution
Cease creation, crazy construct”
Bowing, bested, bashful, done.

peekiequeen poetry c. November 25, 2013

Painting: Advice from Caterpillar by Laurie Near.