Cauchemar Insondable

I cannot feel outside of me
A strangling takes hold
Nightmare sounds in pops and crash
My eyes are clamped tight
The sirens blare in my head
A crippling pain in my chest
Voices shrill in screams
I want to go home
The City Of Lights is afire
Excitement dissolves into anguish
Bombers and blasts explode
I cannot hear a whisper…

To take a life
To take control
To leave a mark
In deaths of soul
To shake a city
Of majesty
With gunfire aim
Cold Tragedy
To fashion fright
In social plane
To steal warm hearts
For ruthless gain…

Cannot be free from this
I am wrenched
Upright I rise and run
I am whisked away in spotlight
And the protectors moves in…

Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Friday, November 13, 2015

**Mes pensées et mes prières sincères pour toutes les personnes impliquées dans le cauchemar à Paris cette nuit**