Novel Update #19




Gust of Wind, Paul Cocksedge Studio. Fete Des Lumieres, Lyon 2011 © Mark Cocksedge

Every single thing counts. Everything!

That has been the toughest lesson I have had to learn in writing my novel.

Every scene, every conversation, every item held, looked at, tripped over, matters in the overall scheme of things.

Don’t say a table is “small” unless there is significance to size then and there. If someone is as tall as their friend, then they should be perceived as equals.

If the wind is blowing, why? If the sun is shining and there are no clouds in the sky, what does that say about the moment?

Through the manuscript editing process I am undergoing with my editor, I am learning to fine tune episodes, conversations, scenes in a whole new dramatic and precise way.

The result to this careful and explicit writing is a full and well-rounded knowledge of not only my story but my characters as well.

I have discovered that getting to the point of things is far more important than meandering in description that is vague and distracting.

For instance, if my character has a difficult time on the soccer field coaching children, explain that it is because his successful work life is deteriorating. But don’t TELL it.

Sound complicated? It really is because there is also a keen balance to this juggling act.

It truly is a phenomenal learning curve, taxing to adopt, but incredibly rewarding when I get past the insignificant details and get to the point.

I look forward to building on this aspect and allowing it to become a real strength in my narrative.

And on it goes…

Paula Antonello Moore, The Novel. Copyright: Monday, November 17, 2015

Image: Bourrasque by Paul Cocksedge