Jingle without Dread

Hello Friends:

Just a friendly Re-post to remind you to stay peaceful this holiday season. Cheers! —Paula

Christmas shopping_1

Don’t lose your cool as you set out
The fuss is everywhere,
If shopping is what you must do
Please calmly be prepared.

The parking lots are packed up full
No empty space in sight,
But take a breath and let it go
Or else you’ll start a fight.

When line ups, cues have you upset
Don’t ever lose your mark
‘Cause sometime soon you’ll have your chance,
Let Christmas spirit spark.

T’is festive season now you see,
Enjoy each step you take,
It’s more than all the mounds you buy
It’s all the JOY you make.

So buckle in, or buck up good
Adventure lies ahead,
Be patient, kind, and cheery too
Just jingle without dread.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, December 18, 2014

Image by: Designing Details