The grass is green outside my window and I don’t like it.

It’s awful because this is December and we are supposed to be chilled by a frosty white.

Snow for most of us Canadians is tied to the festive season.

I understand that many friends throughout the world are used to the greenery, but not me.

You might get some people here who are thrilled to not have to contend with the slippery roadways or shovel mounds, but most of us cannot imagine CHRISTMAS without the whiteness of crisp snow underfoot.

Why so fussy about weather? Because it’s all about the cozy-factor.

Hot cocoa, warm fireplaces, laughter, flannel pajamas, how can any of that be enjoyed without a snowy chill outdoors to escape from?

Baking cookies, holiday music, and traditional decorations are working much harder this year to convince us that the BIG DAY is on approach.

And we too are trying to get lost in the spirit of the holidays. Going for a walk recently, I wished passersby a Merry Christmas almost feeling like a foolish liar.

The kids being home helps of course as they constantly remind of the countdown and burst with anticipation each morning.


I suppose I will count on all of that then, and let Dean Martin and Michael Bublé serenade me into joyous oblivion.

But let me be clear Snow: if you do not wish to come ’round when it’s important and you’re welcomed and appreciated, then don’t bother dropping by at all afterwards. 😩

Merriest Christmas Holiday greetings to Everyone from The Expressible Café, however you celebrate it. May it be a jolly cheerful one. 

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Image: Our very own makeshift snow-covered village.