Reminiscing and Resolutions


Well 2015 is coming to a close (with snow, I might add as my SNOWLESS post went unobserved by that Frosty fella that is Winter) and as it closes, I find myself recalling and reminiscing over the year that was.

There has been much pain and suffering in the world from terrorism to the refugee crisis. From destructive weather to terrible tragedy. But we must allow ourselves the chance to acknowledge the Good that still exists too.

Within the walls of this cozy Café in which I live and play, I have enjoyed every poetic pondering, fictional phrasing and thought-sharing with you, even if that meant the occasional venting.

With the launch of the new photo-based homepage format in September, I felt more excited about things again.

It’s easy to get into a blogging rut, trying to be dynamic with words while competing with so many other brilliant bloggers out there. But we all have something worthy to share otherwise we wouldn’t be here.

When I examined the Café, I realized it needed a little boost after two years. Since, I wanted to draw you ever-more deeply into the atmosphere of my expression, I turned to photos. 

Photos grab your attention faster than the written word and immediately tug or slap or take your breath away.

Instant reaction!

I sincerely thank each and every one of My followers who took the leap with me to share in that excitement.

In my novel writing, I was blessed with meeting and working with my incredible editor. She has been an invaluable help, support and inspiration to my work this past year. I only look forward to continuing that challenging voyage with her to the end of the publishing line, with fingers crossed and heart twisting with hope.

And so, on the cusp of another year, I charge boldly into 2016 with a few tiny little resolutions.champagne2

I’m not going to attempt the oh-so-cliché subjects of starting to exercise (already do) or going completely green.

I’m not interested in the lofty unattainable. I know myself and I know what’s realistic.

But I do want to keep moving forward, both personally and professionally.

So I hope to strengthen my literary abilities AND, to keep the fire in me by striving to achieve some great personal accomplishments to be proud of.  I mean honestly, if we don’t set even infinitesimal goals for ourselves, what’s the point of living?

Resolutions for 2016: Literary Goals

  1. To complete the entire editing process for my Fallout manuscript (with as little complaints as possible)
  2. To make contact with a publisher!!
  3. To earn the attention of and gain even more blogger friends 🙂
  4. To surpass 97 blog posts

Just like the seasons, a New Year is not only a fresh start, it is a challenge to our hearts and minds. What will push us, grab us, inspire us in the days ahead?

How will I change by December 31?


And so, from the comfy walls of The Expressible Café I bid each and every one of you a Hearty Happiest of New Years.

May 2016 be a Bright, Cheerfully Memorable and Gloriously Rewarding Year for you. Cheers and see you in the New year!

Paula Antonello Moore, Thoughts. Copyright: Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Image: New Year’s Hats in snow by Me.

Image: Champagne glasses from Tales from the Barstool. Image: Clock countdown from Karen Maezer Miller.