The Sleepover


My cousin’s big sleepover party was near

i couldn’t contain my excitement or fear

it was very new, yes quite new just for me

i’d never been over to sleep in such glee

i’d never been there to just settle in bed

the stories, the movies and games in my head

i couldn’t believe it, i couldn’t calm down

this day was the biggest, i felt i might drown.


Then finally it happened, i packed up my bag

my spirit was soaring, it would never sag

for once i arrived on the doorstep right there

i felt i would burst and explode everywhere

my cousin was thrilled and she hugged me so tight

and promised this would be our most special night.


So, on we got to it and didn’t waste time

we played, had our pizza and before bedtime

we watched our own movie with popcorn galore

i was so excited for still so much more

then pjs and teeth brushing followed it all

and good night farewells to the grown-ups we’d call.


We jumped into bed with the low lamplight on

and laughed with the funniest questions til dawn.

her eyes got quite sleepy, her head wanted rest

i tickled her, told crazy jokes, did my best

but sleep came and took her, it knocked her right out

and that’s when i started to fuss and to pout.


The night wasn’t over, there was much to do

i hadn’t told three scary stories i knew

i hadn’t made shadows of bunnies about

i hadn’t done more things, i wanted to shout

it can’t be the end, no it just cannot now

i so am not ready to take final bow

i so want to play and still giggle real loud

i need her attention, she must be my crowd.


But… yawning it started, i had to be strong

i thought i could sing a bright fun loving song

but words were beginning to slur in my mouth

my head got so heavy, it leaned there toward south

“okay, just a quick nap, i won’t sleep away

the fun, all the silliness and night time play

my eyes i will close for a minute or two

and then back to party time for me and you.”



But next when i opened them sunlight was bright

i couldn’t believe it was no longer night

i couldn’t believe it was time to awake

the sleepover ended, oh, my heart did break

but promises made, my dear cousin did share

that next time we’ll do our own nails, toes and hair

that next time will be so much better than last

we’ll laugh all night long and continue our blast.


So after my waffles with whip cream and juice

i packed up my bag and made up no excuse

i wasn’t real mad, neither did i protest

for this special time was amazing and blessed

i hugged my dear cousin and waved my goodbye

forgot that i left my dear teddy bear Sye

and then i forgot to say bye to her cat

and then i remembered to promise to chat

i said bye again and was almost outside

when both of us smiled, then both of us cried

we hugged really tight and squeezed each other’s hands

then i emailed later with next time’s demands.


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, January 18, 2015

Top Photo: Bedtime buddies by Me.

Middle Photo: Waffles from Strawberry Sue.