Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Novel Update #20: It clicks

For all you writers out there, you will understand when I say how difficult it is to reach that point in your work when things just come together and CLICK. Most times it’s… Continue reading

Shoveling Snow: Akin to…

Shoveling snow can be quite the experience. Its akin to so many things depending on the particular circumstances. On a bright crisp day, shoveling can be an exciting adventure. Sparkling flakes dazzle the… Continue reading

Float on

Sailing light Gloomy bay Words do more Than take you away. Breathe it in Savour light Float on phrases Free the kite. Inspiration Touches heart Moves you farther Than at start. Share your… Continue reading


  Little light slipped through When gloom danced in the moment I sing with new joy.   Before me, it rests I re-energize and bask For light can fade fast.   Paula Antonello… Continue reading

Jilted Joker

Magic Maker hardly grey Never knew just what to say, Daunting danced beneath the stars Floated free away to Mars.   Always antics filled the room, Wary waiting for some doom. Captured, clearly, fun to… Continue reading

Background Music

I rarely listen to music when I write. I can’t think clearly enough to process my words and split my attention to background hymns. However, recently I thought I would play some instrumental music… Continue reading