Jilted Joker


Magic Maker hardly grey

Never knew just what to say,

Daunting danced beneath the stars

Floated free away to Mars.


Always antics filled the room,

Wary waiting for some doom.

Captured, clearly, fun to share

Yawning, yearning with great flair.


Thinking, thought a song would heal,

Belted bad with silly squeal

Guilty going, oh how it strayed

Soul slipped off and darkened shade.


Hopping hoped that it would pass,

Laughing left, had such a gas.

Jilted joker stopped up still,

Proper place was all downhill.


Running ruined upon the ground,

Voiceless vanquished silenced drowned.

Echo eerie nothing more,

Killed kind-hearted out the door.


Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, February 8, 2016

Image: Minion originally from Despicable Me, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, from Fixing Films.