Novel Update #20: It clicks


For all you writers out there, you will understand when I say how difficult it is to reach that point in your work when things just come together and CLICK.

Most times it’s a long tough slog.

You think, create, write, review, struggle, edit…repeat.

But then, that day finally arrives when the fog lifts, the light goes on and BAM! You get it!

You not only get it you know what you have to do and you’re excited to do it.

I’m thankful that I’m there.

After a year of editing the overall manuscript of my novel, followed by the chapter-by-chapter evaluation I’m in the midst of right now, the pieces are finally starting to fall into place.

My mind has finally caught up with my fingers and I know what I have to do.

Of course, I’m still nowhere near perfect, but I can honestly say I am becoming a much better, stronger writer along the way.

I owe it all to my editor and her patient guidance.

Her critiques, her examples of what works, explaining where I can tighten my sentences and pushing me to identify what to eliminate, each step of the process has brought me to now.

I can sit at a chapter, write it and then work at it, chipping away, tweaking, listening to its flow, that the details, voice, and scene eventually do fall into place nicely.

And so, if I can even remotely offer advice to someone else in the same challenging position, I tell you this: Don’t give up! The light will come on and it will click. But you’ve got to want it. You’ve got to want to learn and improve, and you must have the patience to face that. Trust me, I’ve hit rock bottom and survived. 🙂

It may be that you continue to charge ahead on the path you’re on or completely change the direction. But it will come and you will be thankful when it does.

So don’t be discouraged! Don’t surrender! And don’t ever let that fire inside of you die.

Paula Antonello Moore, Writing & Thoughts. Copyright: Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

Image: By Vadim Sherbakov from Unsplash.