Tweet Away Poetic

It’s Twitter’s Anniversary
And Poetry Day at that
So here I write a telling tale,
In words, I tip my hat.

Communicating many ways
Poetic poems or tweets,
A colourful and dazzling phrase,
Almost as good as sweets.

We write a statement filled w cheer
Or angst, frustration too,
And Twitter posts it to the world
To share with me and you.

But Poetry is magical,
It’s power tugs the heart.
Another way to get thoughts out,
In feelings, we impart.

Of course a tweet can be the same
As poetry, I know,
But pressure to keep it so tight,
Its set at  1-4-0,

Can stop a soul to write their text,
“It’s not enough,” they’ll claim,
So skip on Twitter, write a poem,
Or Facebook just the same.

However you express yourself,
A blog, a tweet, a poem,
A painting, letter, essay too,
Just get the message home.

So jump into the springing joy,
Let’s hope there’s no more snow,
And tweet away poetic days,
Enjoy it as you go.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Monday, March 21, 2016

Image: Dead Poets Society from TM Student.