A n o t h e r Day

christian hartmann Reuters.jpg

Yesterday I moved freely

Today I stand in very long lines

Yesterday the metro was harm-less

Today I ride my scooter

Yesterday I was invisible

Today guards go through my personal things

Yesterday I savoured my morning coffee

Today I am not allowed to visit the café

Yesterday I woke safe and happy

Today I am full of fear

Yesterday the wheels passed over

Today there are chalk messages on the ground

Yesterday I cursed the traffic

Today I long for the congestion

Yesterday I smiled

Today I study, survey, watch everyone

Yesterday the square was dotted with tourists

Today a nation gathers as one in silence

Yesterday we were Brussels

Today we are “Brussels”

Back to normal?

Carry on?


I want it

Wait for it

And then…I see an armed soldier pause, and comfort a weeping woman

And I witness, tangible humanity returns.

Paula Antonello Moore, Prose. Copyright: Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Making sense of Tragedy. For the People of Brussels, Belgium.

Image: “Policemen at a security checkpoint outside the Midi train station”, Brussels , by Christian Hartmann, Reuters from CNBC