Novel Update #21: A Sampling

Hello there: As I continue to slug away at editing the manuscript for my novel Fallout with my editor, I thought I’d offer up another tiny sample. Here’s a small taste. Enjoy!

carissa gan unsplash.jpg

Lise was embarrassed now.

She had been sitting in their favourite restaurant for two and half hours. Jeremy had not shown up, nor had he returned any of her calls or texts. Clearly, those romantic few weeks after the party were over. Jeremy Cooper had returned to his old self-absorbed self.

She ate the final piece of French bread from the basket and washed it down with water before the waiter returned.

“Well Madame, would you like to order? Or should we continue to wait for your friend?”

Lise stiffened her back. “No more waiting. I’ll have the chicken truffle fettuccine and another glass of ice water please.” The waiter nodded and received her menu.

Lise reached for her phone, powered it off and tossed it into the bottom of her purse.

Paula Antonello Moore, The Novel. Copyright: Monday, April 4, 2016.

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Image: Pasta by Carissa Gan from Unsplash.