Life’s Weight

jocelyn mahoney stocksnap.jpg

As she wanders

In this place,

Darkness sits

Upon her face.

Nothing makes

Emotions light,

Ever shaded

By the night.

Hard to break

That shell of hers,

Or brighten up,

No nothing spurs

An inner joy

A dancing glee,

A happy cheer,

It all will flee.

She can’t contain

She can’t breathe in

She can’t let peace

Just rest within.

She has to rage

She crinkles brow

She cankers on

Does not allow

Elated fun,

For if she does,

There’s something more

That causes buzz.

So pray for her

Yes hope for calm

That it may rest

And act as balm,

To wake her up

Before too late

So she will see

Life’s not a weight.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Thursday, April 14, 2016

Image: Woman looking by Jocelyn Maloney from StockSnap.