Up Right


I’m crawling

up and over I go

the light looks brighter there

but then, down

I fall.


I’m crawling

toward the bright

excitement drives my muscles

until… I am blown away,

off course.


I’m crawling…again

over there now

no longer up and over

the side way is just as good

meeting mark,

I edge my way.


I’m up now

not over, but off of hands and knees

I move gently

counting inches

setting goals, in sight

I move.


I’m up now

not merely off hands

my feet are planted,

firmly is questionable

but upright is happy.


I move toward

the green

I see it, reach for it

feel it in my bones


my grasp is


my reach falls


and then

I fall


start to crawl

once more.

Paula Antonello Moore, Poetry. Copyright: Sunday, May 1, 2016

Image: Twining, by P.Antonello Moore.